Problems of Professionalism

Professionalism in the church develops three major problems.

(1) Laity Limp

"We don’t do that!"

Discipleship training is de-emphasized because of the professional's supposed expertise is much preferred to the service of the 'untrained' laity. Training is purposely limited to the 'professionals.'

Has the Lord only called those who have attended seminary?

(2) Lazy Leaders

"We will pay someone to do it."

There is no urgency to develop leaders through a developed leadership training program because the local church can just hire an outside pastor to do their work of the ministry.

The congregation is not expected to serve. In many cases there exists a total lack of faith in God's ability to train the laity to properly serve.

Don't God's people lack training because the church leaders have not properly equipped God's people?

(3) Lackadaisical Welcome

"I'm not sure"

Many professional clergy do not welcome those from their midst to become leaders. They do not like the competition. This lack of enthusiasm disheartens many potential leaders from entering the ministry, seeing their only options is to leave the church and attend seminary at great cost.

Why are so many potential leaders not being developed? This is not our Father's will.

Because of common inadequate approaches several other problems have developed:

     • The quality of lay leaders is inferior.
These leaders are basically self-made and lack advanced mentorship.
     • The tension between lay leaders and hired pastors remains great.
The insider and outsider mindset differs and trust is questioned. Work is hindered.
     • Body life is basically immobilized because it is undermined.
God's work limps along because they cannot work as a team accomplishing greater works.
     • The church is not cast upon God for help.
Their is contentment with preservation rather than expansion.
     • Equipped leaders are far too few.
The harvest is wasting away in the fields generation after generation.

The church is like a broken egg - no promised life.The church becomes a virtual eunuch by not being willing to discover, train and develop their leaders.

When a man desires pastoral work, he is sent away on his own to fend for himself, not very sure what to do or expect. Next

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