Training Christian Leaders in the Church

Stages of discipleship with FLOW

When a local church expects to produce her own pastors and missionaries, then the church is required to take a whole new approach to training.

Most churches have neglected to train their own leaders. When the church becomes convinced of their responsibility and ability to train their own leaders, they surge forward in their faith. They will establish the training process at the most basic level and gradually move up, stage by stage. As a result, general and specialized discipleship training programs are formed.

All of God's people are His servants. This is the scriptural model. Advanced discipleship is designed for those entering full time service or in a specialized elder role.

Once the road of leadership training is paved, a steady flow of men going into the ministry will appear. When the plug is taken out of the pipe, the water begins to go through the pipe as expected. (See more on THE FLOW)

Home Church Training is Best!

We need to ask what we expect seminaries to do for its students. Should not those that attend seminary already be qualified for ministry? Why is the system turned around backward? Are these people really being qualified to work in the church at the seminary? What is it that the professional schools are able to do that the local church cannot?

The most important qualities of church leaders can and need to be taught at home. Here are just three examples of what can be done in a home church but not in a seminary.

• Heart training

Best done over a long period of time during times of trials, ministry, ups and downs of life.

New churches often do not consider themselves a 'real' church until they have hired their own pastor.

Wouldn't it be better to consider themselves not a 'real' church until they have produced a pastor or missionary that has shown himself equipped?!

Submission training

A great leader is an excellent server. They learn how to work under the authority of the elders early on. This is different than the assertive leadership models being taught today.

Experiential training

They have learned from the best. They have already participated in and led various kinds of ministries. They have gained much insight from those that have mentored them.

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