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ADT describes how BFF supports the local church leaders to develop their own leaders.

Provision of materials

Eagerly providing the needed materials to equip leaders in different tasks, widening their training perspectives and deepening their knowledge of the scriptures and love for the Lord.

Training and development

Enthusiastically communicating the urgency and necessity of local churches to take on the responsibility of developing their own leaders on every level of service including full-time ministry.

Specialized assistance in training

Excitedly assisting the local church leaders in the training of their upcoming leaders through the training of leaders at special training seminars.

What about theology?

Our focus is to know God in Christ. Theology's glory is in the shaping of a disciple's heart, knowledge, conscience and ministry by the person and purpose of the eternal Son of God. We are integrated many different fields of theology into our course studies. Many have only studied theology and left the life, perspective and ministry largely untouched by what they have learned. Churches have the responsibility of further instruction on their own disctinctives.

This approach to the study of theology causes fear in some. Jesus, however, both modeled and taught how we are to seek God. Postively, we are to seek the Father as Christ did. Strong spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation in His Word are crucial to an effective God-pleasing ministry. On the negative side, Jeus directed our caution to the professional theologians. The Pharisees and Sadducees became an authoritative group of spiritual advisors. Even though they knew of God's Word, they did not know God as a whole (Matthew 16:12).

We desire to know God through Christ and having Him, His will and ways will shape our devotions, families and ministries. True ministry must be sourced in meeting with the most Wise God through His Word in His Spirit rather than through head knowledge alone.

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