Leadership Qualities

What kind of leaders do we need?

Careful evaluation must proceed training. We need to ask the following questions to properly begin our examination:

  • What kind of leaders does our Lord want?
  • What kind of leaders do our local churches need?
  • What kind of leaders do we need to finish the Great Commission?
  • What is the most effective way of developing these leaders?

The Goal

The Effective Means

• A person who knows the church well.

He is trained in the church. The church’s vision is his vision.

• A person who knows and loves the people.    

People know how he has already given his life to serve them.

• A person who knows how to work with those in the church.

He already gets along with the leaders and other co-workers.

• A person who serves because of God’s calling and not for money.

He serves because he loves to serve. He has already volunteered his service.

• A person who is trained to do his job well.

He has received training as he goes along. Skills have increased.

• A person who can be trusted.

Everybody knows him and his family. They have seen him grow.

• A person who people are willing to follow.

The congregation has already been helped by his ministry.

If such leaders are going to be developed, then the local church needs to take a bigger role in training these men for the ministry.

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