Reaching Our Destination helps us through the 'Whether Pattern' understand where we are (starting place) and where we want to go.

Reaching Our DestinationOvercome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

Each of our journeys are different, but they are to end up in the same place! The good part is that He leads the way. This might take a while to get used to but it is infinitely better!

"Casting all your anxiety upon Him,
because He cares for you."
(1 Peter 5:7)

What might this journey look like for you? (1)

... Note the pattern ...
Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodBefore you start, I want to train you how to fill in the columns. In column 1, simply describe your major worries. Column two is where you rate the seriousness of the anxiety (1) being minor; (5) being severe). The last column is the most important. This "Destination" column is where you affirm how you are going to deal with this troublesome worry. You basically need to state four things regarding this worry/anxiety mentioned in column #1. You can copy it for word until you get the hang of it. We will share with you as the seminar goes on how these statements are God's will for you.

  • "Whether ____________ (this)
{State what you would like to happen}

  • or _____________ (that) happens,                                    
{State one bad way this situation might end up.}

  • I will _____trust____ God to be with me
{Affirm your trust in God's companionship.}

  • and help me through this difficult situation."      
 {Affirm God will help you in your circumtances.}

Write down your major worries.

Rating (1-5)

Write down what kind of peace you need in each situation.

My husband might leave me.

My worry is quite severe. Always nagging my husband. He has hinted at a divorce.

No matter whether my unbelieving husband stays or goes, I will trust God with my husband and family. God will be with me.
I might lose my job.

My worries about my job situation are keeping me awake at night. This bothers my effectiveness.

Whether I keep my job or lose it, my employment and bills are all in God's hand. He is with me. Each day He will care for my needs.
My children might get hurt.

I might lose money in market

Research isn't working out

The world situation develop into big war that will ruin my life.

You can't do it on your own. You need the Lord's help.

You might not think you are able to progress as far as is suggested, but please put it down. This is where the Lord wants to take you. For each major worry area, I encourage you to fill out this chart. Admit that you cannot handle it on your own. You need God's help. Somehow, someway God will come and help you - this is the hope you need. Our first big step to overcoming worries comes when we know we can only take this journey when the Lord goes with us.

Most people think that Jesus was far too perfect to set a good example for us. This is not what the Bible says. Let's think about Jesus who is the One who will lead us on this journey. We will need Him to be our coach to get through the journey.     Next page.

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Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Paul J. Bucknell

1) We are not saying that this simple activity will solve your problems, but it will help us focus on where we want to go.