Jesus gives us hope because in all His difficult situations Jesus never worried. Also provided is an explanation why Jesus serves as our model.

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodJesus Gives Us Hope

Jesus didn't worry.

In spite of all the surprising, impossible, routine and treacherous circumstances He often found Himself in, we find no anxiety in Him. We are to be like Him!

(What happened)
My response
(Any anxiety?)
Jesus' response
(Any anxiety?)
Awoken in a flooding ship at a stormy sea by anxious friends (Luke 8:22-26)
If this happened to me, I would .... The Father guided Jesus into some very difficult circumstances. Jesus did not just escape them. Jesus lived under the threat of murder for at least one year. He didn't know where the funds for ministry would come from. Other disciples around Him were dependent upon Him. People's expectation of Him was high but wrong! Jesus was betrayed. His disciples wereeventually scattered.

Jesus' whole plan at the end seemed totally ruined. He died. His disciples scattered. But Jesus didn't give up or lose sleep. He became all the more determined to trust His Father. This is the pattern He sets for us in all that He did, both in His life and death.

He was not in control of His circumstances but His Father was. He trusted His Father for everything that He would meet up with.

Cares for needs of others. Many people hungry and be faint if He sent them home. (Mark 6:30-44)
If this happened to me, I would ....
Jesus' life is threatened. Leaders plot to kill Jesus. (Matthew 12:14-16)
If this happened to me, I would ....
Jesus couldn't depend on His disciples. They would all fall away. (Mark 14:27-31) If this happened to me, I would ....

Jesus didn't worry - Why?

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodSome of us might feel more discouraged than strengthened by looking at Jesus' life. The reason for this is that we think He is supernatural and is able to do all things - very unlike us. This is the wrong understanding of Jesus' ministry and keeps us from wanting to be like Jesus. It certainly keeps us from being like Him!

If we take a closer look at Jesus' life, you will find Him not changing the events but trusting God through them. There is every bit of difference between the two. It is crucial for us to understand the model Jesus gave us. Jesus was not doing His own will but His Father's. He only could do what His Father wanted. The Father would direct Him into terrible circumstances at times, but Jesus could trust His Father to give Him everything that He needed to carry out His Father's will. This is the exact situation for our own lives if we are God's children. Jesus is the best example for us not to worry.

God is with us on our journey. He will take us to places that we would not choose. From our vantage point, there is no sensible way out. Jesus, however, wasn't using His supernatural powers but His faith in His faithful Father. God His Father would work out what was necessary to accomplish His will.

We encourage you to go through the Gospel stories, one by one and think of Jesus as our example. Note how He followed God's leading. He kept listening and watching His Father work.

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