Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodMastering the Facts

Session #1
Bridge of Hope

1) Jesus is our best example for us not to worry. ( T / F )

2) List at least 3 ways the world's peace is different from God's peace.

3) The Bridge of Hope takes us from _____________ and leads us to _______________.

4) Worries will get __________________ if we don't resolve them.

5) Name the three major parts of our life that worries negatively affect.

6) What are the two kinds of peace that God gives? _____________ and ____________.

7) It is okay to feel vulnerable about our inability to perfectly deal with worries because


We sure are glad you are on this journey!

Now let's go to Understanding Our Worries, session #2.

Once we understand where our worries come from, then we can begin to find solutions!

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