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Depression in Haggai

Read more on the causes and solution of depression in the Book of Haggai.


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Pleasure and Depression

Learn how pleasure is related to despair and depression.

See how anxiety buddies up with depression to bring a person down.


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Overcoming Depression: Lesson #9

Adopting God's Hope

Discipleship Level 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Depression in the News | Obtaining Hope | Emotions, Feelings and Depression
Gaining Discernment | Root Cause| The Path (5Ds)
Hope Through Obedience | A Strong Shield | Rebuild Foundation
Deeper Trust | Two Truths | Deliverance Cycle


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Rebuilding the Foundation of Hope

Rebuilding the Foundation of Hope is part 9 of 12 which clarifies the importance of establishing trust and faith to overcome depression for the long term. 'Adopting God's Hope, Overcoming Depression' is the ninth lesson in a series on "Reaching Beyond Mediocrity."


We need to rebuild our trust and faith. The missing belief or confidence needs to be identified. The clearer that this need can be identified, the easier to rebuild it with the truths of God. But remember, before trust can be rebuilt, there needs to be repentance. As we discover areas of unbelief, we need to help the individual to turn from this unbelief through confession, repentance and faith.

We gave an example of the housewife with the pile of laundry. She will need to acknowledge that she avoided her given tasks and inconvenienced others because of it. She will apologize to the Lord and ask Him to cleanse her. At the same time, she will become willing to try to redress the situation.

By this time the task seems insurmountable. So it is wise and good to work out a schedule that she can follow. "Can you wash two loads a day until you catch up (except on Sunday)?" If for work or other reasons, then start with one load. The husband can be the accountable person for the wife to see if she has done the one or two loads of laundry. Don't simply do the laundry for her.

This example might seem simple but because there are real things in life that are connected to the build up of depression, it helps clarify some steps people need to take to throw off their depression.

Depression means that we have exchanged one poor mindset for another.

At each lower stage, we resigned our control and gave up. We will get to the point of restoring trust in a moment, but we must realize that repentance is the foundation upon which this new trust is built. Without acknowledging three things, the foundation cannot be built:

(1) We have done wrong,

(2) That we face the consequences of those wrongs and

(3) That we are willing to obey the Lord, then .

Question on how truthful one should be

Didn't depression come about because we faced the truth about our situation?

Satan often uses half lies. He does tell some truth but at a certain point, he will lead us into a false conclusion. Even this question is like this. This question is begging us not to think about the truth. Don't confess and repent. But that is the solution. It might sound contradictory but it is not.

Satan will have us believe the truth about our failures and then, and this is where we go wrong, we accept the failures and remain in them. Satan will discourage us so that we get worse. God's Spirit will lead us facing our error but not with the purpose of condemning us into a spirit of failure, but into confession that leads to forgiveness, freedom and faith to trust God for grace for next time.

Hints on leading people through a prayer of repentance

It is important that we help lead a person through a prayer of repentance. Try to make sure he or she is earnest. After pointing out how he should pray, ask him to pray first. If another issue comes up, each offense should be stated as clear as possible before the Lord. After seeing that this issue is different from the first, I will lead the person into another time of prayer.

I will usually ask the other person first to pray and then myself. If the person does not rightly pray, I will tell them what they need to pray (before I pray) and then have them pray more. After that, I will pray again.

A person can say he is sorry but until he tells God those things and ask for forgiveness, then the words are insufficient. A good time of our time (mentor-trainee) together will be spent in prayer. This is normal. Always allow time for prayer even if you cut the conversation short.

If we are going to persevere in overcoming depression, we need to deepen our trust in the Lord and the truth. -> Next