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Setting Priorities for  Godly Marriages and Families

Setting Priorities for Godly Marriages and Families

Making the changes needing to be made!

Paul J. Bucknell

Purpose: Godly marriages and families don’t come by accident! Couples need to learn WHAT kind of marriage they are seeking and HOW to form priorities to gain those godly families. Pressures of Life in Marriage: Part 3/9 of Setting Priorities for Godly Marriages.

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Pressures of Life in Marriage

Please notice that we did not say anything about having much money or escaping from the pressures of daily life. Many couples make a mistake attaching wealth to good marriages, assuming we would spend more money on our relationship. This is a huge though popular assumption.

Pressures on marriagesWe, like all families, are super busy with raising our eight children, running my own business and ministry with all its pressures and lack of staff. My wife not only puts a lot of work into homeschooling our children but also coordinates the children’s ministry at the church. We are not perfect.

As we get older, we face different sets of problems, but the point is that we all have excuses we can make but only those who make the right priorities will obtain a good and godly marriage. (Good and godly are the same except many people no longer understand the deep rich meaning of the term ‘godly any more.)

The question we were given for this message is what priorities do we need to set and how do we implement them so that we can have a good marriage? We all face many pressures. Many of these pressures we are aware of. We are all ultra-busy. But I would suggest that the most dangerous pressures are those that we unaware of.

Prioritization is all about making the right decisions when we face a multitude of pressures. If we are not aware of these pressures, then they can unduly influence our decisions. This is where prioritization shines brightly. Did you ever make a decision that you know was not the best? You had other pressures bearing in but caved in on some person or value? We will discuss these things more, but let us first better understand priorities.

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