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The Lord Your Healer: 

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch by Paul J. Bucknell

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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

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Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


Setting Priorities for  Godly Marriages and Families

Setting Priorities for Godly Marriages and Families

Making the changes needing to be made!

Paul J. Bucknell

Purpose: Godly marriages and families don’t come by accident! Couples need to learn WHAT kind of marriage they are seeking and HOW to form priorities to gain those godly families. You Can Change and So Can Your Marriage: Part 6 of Setting Priorities for Godly Marriages

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You Can Change and So Can Your Marriage

In order to change, you need to follow the advice seen in these verses. See how these worldly ambitions have thrust your judgment aside and distorted your ability to carry out right priorities. You think it is important but just do not carry it out. This reveals a different set of values and priorities at work.These must be discovered, analyzed, confessed, rejected and repented of.

you can change too!

At the same time you will need to adopt a new God-given desire to please Him and live rightly. It is on top of these newer and godly aspirations that you live out your life. Only then can you recognize what the right priorities are and carry them out through the power of His grace.

Right values and priorities

So let’s turn and think about what kind of values husbands and wives need to gain that grand marriage. So what was a good marriage from what we have beforehand written?

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Let us now write down, as a husband or wife, 4-5 priorities that are important to every good marriage. Write only for yourself. If you are a husband, write down husband ideas. If you are a wife, write down wife priorities.






What we feel is important is fine. But we want to expand and shape our own thinking and hopes by what God has said to be important. Remember God has the perfect design and leads us into ‘green pastures,’ that is, wonderful marriages.

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