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The Lord Your Healer: 

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch by Paul J. Bucknell

Newest! The Lord Your Healer

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

First step of discipleship
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Advanced Discipleship

The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

Commentaries that specialize on training the teacher!

Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


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Next Step Counselor Resources

Tools to effectively guide those those seeking counsel on full-time or tentmaking Christian service

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Next Step Counselor Training Manual

Next Step Counselor Training ManualThe Next Step Counselor Training Manual provides an eight-page summary on how to counsel those seeking full-time service at a mission conference. Each counselee fits into one of three stages and according to his or her unique situation and calling, the counselor provides insights and suggestions for the counselee’s next step. (8 pages)

English: web - pdf | 中文: pdf

Video Instruction 1/2 - Three Levels of Training Video | mp3

Video Instruction 2/2 - One’s Calling and Next Step Video | mp3

Train Up Leaders for Ministry

Train up New Leaders for MinistryTraining Leaders for Ministry provides a basic and specific plan to get a church leader to counsel a 'called' person into ministry. Why wait for seminary to train a person? They cannot provide the training God wants to provide them through you. Start now! This article shows how to mentor these highly motivated individuals in the context of your church. (14 pages)

English: web - purchase eBook | 中文: pdf - epub

Charting Your Steps into Service

Charting Your steps into ServiceThis timeline enables the NextStepper to chart the means by which God is both calling and training him. The chart not only provides an overview of one’s past but also to identify what areas of training are yet needed. A sample page is included. (2 pages)

English: web - pdf | 中文: pdf

Plan of Action

Plan of Action for those seeking full-time ministryThe NextStepper can use this chart to clearly work out what next steps God might have for his or her life. One’s success depends on how much the NextStepper is able to integrate the various insights gained during the conference into his or her own life planning. A sample sheet is provided. (2 pages)

English: pdf | Chinese: pdf

Commitment Card

Commitment cardThe commitment card is used near the end of the personal interview to help the NextStepper make a commitment according to how God might be guiding him or her. Two copies are provided. One becomes the NextSteppers, one for the followup team. (1 page)

English: pdf | 中文: pdf

Take Your Next Step into Ministry

Take your next step into ministryTake Your Next Step into Ministry helps a person prepare a person for ministry. We offer this resource here so that you as a counselor can utilize its information and assignments and more effectively follow up this person having a burden to go into Christian ministry. Careful questions lead the reader to properly evaluate one’s preparations in four areas: Experience, spiritual development, training and relationships. (16 pages)

English: web - pdf - epub | 中文: pdf - epub

NextStep Large Group Training Curriculum

What does the pastor or elder do who finds that several people have become NextSteppers in their church? Our church has been having this good problem for a number of years. The training curriculum simply tells you what we have done and gives you plenty of resources to implement a followup program with much less effort! Basically it shares how to lead a small (or perhaps not so small) group of NextSteppers through the year.

English: pdf

The Flow: An Explanation

The Flow: An ExplanationMany pastors are afraid of mentoring or training. No need to be! We have provided an overview of the training process that God wants to be occurring in the church. So even when someone is interested in full-time service, you need not panic. Instead discover where they are going and how far they have come. Work with them to design a simple plan to get there. The process called The Flow is quite easy to understand and examples are given on how to implement it.

English: pdf | 中文: pdf

Mission Conference Follow-Up Program Resources

NextStep Follow-up Plan

NextStep Follow-up PlanThis is a plan for following-up NextSteppers after a mission conference. This is a rather thorough plan because it encompasses numerous regions, diverse church backgrounds and a few hundred NextSteppers. It can be simplified if one's situation is less complicated. Essentially, there are two parts. Following-up the NextStepper and help finding a mentor for them. We hope that the church's pastor or elder might be able to help mentor them. We recognize that most pastors have not been trained to do this. It is this for reason we have supplied the training material above.

English: pdf

Sign-up Counselor Card

This is a card for those at a table who are arranging personal interview appointments for the NextSteppers. This is placed here as a future resource.The three levels are indicated here.

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