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Study Questions for Jonah

Study Questions for Jonah: Understanding God's Heart

Basic & Advanced Questions

Paul J. Bucknell

Introduction: Study Questions for Jonah

Join Jonah's adventure through this study guide for the Book of Jonah! You just might discover you are not so different from Jonah as you thought.

The Jonah study guide helps the newcomer grasp the truths of the book at the same time as challenging those who have studied the scriptures over many years. The truths of anger, patience, obedience, compassion all come alive in this small book. Amazingly we can better understand ourselves as well as the Lord in the Book of Jonah.

Both basic and advanced questions enable one personally, as a student of the Bible or as a small group, to be engaged by the Lord through this Book of Jonah. Basic questions blend fact-finding questions with thought and application questions. They are developed around the major theme for that section. Advanced questions provide much more challenge or intrigue when understanding or applying God's Word to your life and the world's situation.

These questions are great for sermon preparation time too, guiding you to get deep into the truths hidden therein.

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Study Questions for Jonah

ISBN-13: 978-1-61993-012-4

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Study Questions for Jonah (28 pages)

ISBN: 9781619930124

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