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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Book of Judges: Introduction

Awakening the Lethargic Church: The War with Evil

The Bible Teaching Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

Judges Background | Judges Outline | Judges Theme | Judges Introduction

Purpose: Provide both a short and long summary to the Book of Judges.

Short Summary of the Book of Judges

The Book of Judges stirs His people to action by showing the devastating cost of following the trends of one's surrounding society. At the same time, He graciously reveals to us that He is present in every generation, seeking to revive, restore and reform us.

His desire to work deeper, stronger and more passionate in our hearts is the theme from which we, no matter how desperate or dark our situation, can gain much hope.

How sad it would be that our generation only becomes another sad chapter added to Judges and when time has come and gone that we discover that our own generation could have been different. We could have gloriously been used of God while we only had succumbed to evil itself. Now is the time for victory!

Long Summary of The Book of Judges

We often think problems stem from other people, and this sometimes is true. But if we casually dismiss ourselves from self-criticism and think we are beyond the reach of sin, we will have no chance even to face up to the battle we are in: the battle with evil.

The Book of Judges causes us to take a close look at ourselves and our own weaknesses. We see again and again what God expects of His people. The failures of His people are also brought before our eyes until we almost can feel the weeping and despair. God, of course, worked through these difficult situations and repeatedly restored His people.

God's relentless patience and awesome power should give each generation hope. But even still, in the course of these several hundred years and many judges, they had miserably failed. They had missed their opportunity.

The Israelites had their good times, of course. They saw tremendous miracles occur. Great names like Gideon and Samson come before our minds. Generally, though, God's Promised Land was not much different than the ungodly societies about them. Our battles are not very different, though perhaps we would like to think so.

Because of our forefather's weaknesses and the influence of our own pagan societies, we must in a deeper way prepare for battle with evil. The war has been launched against each of our souls, against each of our families, against each of our churches, and against each of our nations. If we do nothing, we shall surely fail.

We have before us in the Book of Judges a clear picture of what happens when we choose not to mount up and fight. Lethargy, avoidance, busyness, comfort and whatever other excuses that have been conjured up all have the same fatal consequences. The call of God and our love for Him must not tolerate such excuses. Let us mount up and fight. The enemy is upon us! May God's mercy, power and future be our hope and arms!

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Scriptures typically quoted from the New American Standard Bible unless noted: (C) Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1988

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