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The Lord Your Healer: 

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch by Paul J. Bucknell

Newest! The Lord Your Healer

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

First step of discipleship
revive devotions
Advanced Discipleship

The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

Commentaries that specialize on training the teacher!

Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


Book of Joshua : Victorious Living in God's PromisesBook of Joshua

The Bible Teaching Commentary

Joshua's call to mobilizationHistorical & Geographical Map

Paul J. Bucknell

Introduction and Purpose of Joshua
Outlines and Overview of Joshua
Historical/Geographical Map of Joshua
Map of Canaan before the Conquest

The Historical and Geographical Introductory Map to Joshua

Historical and geographical pdf map combined for the Book of Joshua. Free to copy.This 8-step summary below traces the main events leading up to the conquering of Canaan by Joshua starting with Abraham's call to go to Canaan. Do note each of the six Bible books are included on the map.

This is also available in a pdf file free to copy!

This map would be great to use to train young or old the basic early historical background of the Bible. Introduce it. See if someone can repeat your explanation. Fill it in a bit more. Welcome others to try! It is easy to sketch on a whiteboard. Have them also learn how to trace the Bible lands here in this map.

(1) Abraham, Sarah, & Terah leave Ur for Canaan.
(2) Abraham had two sons: Isaac and Ishmael.
Isaac had Jacob & Esau.
Jacob (Israel is new name) had 12 sons & 1 daughter.
(3) One son Joseph is sold into Egypt (concludes Genesis).
(4) After 400 years, Moses leads Israelites out (Exodus).
(5) Moses received the Law at Mt. Sinai.(Exodus/Leviticus)
(6) Twelve spies sent to Canaan but their unbelief causes 40 years of wilderness wanderings (Numbers).
(7) Second Covenant (Deuteronomy) before crossing the Jordan River.
(8) Joshua invades, conquers and divides up Canaan which becomes Israel. Judges maintain the land.

BFF Biblical Digital LibraryBFF Biblical Training Library

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A blank Old Testament Geographical-Historical map is provided below so that you can test yourself and others! Please adapt for your own purposes (not required to first ask us).

Trace the prior history of Joshua on this free map!

=> Understand more on the book of Joshua by studying our informative Book of Joshua overview and outline page.

Chart Summary Outline of Joshua in pdf file

Click for a larger free file of the outline of Joshua.

BFF Biblical Digital LibraryIndex on Joshua

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Joshua & Resolving Marital Conflict

Joshua 1:8 Diagram of Meditation's Importance
Reaching Beyond Mediocrity (Joshua 10:1-43)
– The Day the Sun Stood in the Sky
Skepticism and Higher Bible Criticism
Joshua 10:12-14 Interpretations of 'Sun stood in the sky.'
Joshua 10:12-14 Purpose of Recording the Miracle
Joshua 10:1-11: A. Joshua's Sincere Obedience
Joshua 10:12-43: B. Joshua's Quest for God's Best
Joshua 10:1-43: Bible Study Questions
Joshua 1:1-5 The Mission: God's Purpose

Mobilizing God's People (Jos 1:10-18)
Joshua 1:10-18: Introduction to Moblizing God's People
Joshua 1:10-11: A. Communicates God’s Will
Joshua 1:12-15: B. Demands Total Participation
Joshua 1:16-18: C. Responds With A Clear Commitment
Joshua 1:10-18: Bible Study Questions
Finishing the Task (Joshua 13:1-33)

Joshua 13: Introduction: 3 Unexplainables
Joshua 13:1 Passes on the Vision
Joshua 13:2-5 Knows the Need
Joshua 13:6 Lives by Faith
Joshua 13:7-33 Distributes the Responsibility
Joshua 13:1-33 Bible Study Questions
Victory over Strongholds (Joshua 6:1-27)
Joshua 6:1-27 The Lesson from Jericho
Joshua 6:1 Our Need for God's Power
Joshua 6:2-5 Our Discovery of God's Solutions
Joshua 6:6-27 Our Participation in God's Victory
Joshua 6:1-27 Summary: You can win too!
Joshua 6:1-27_Bible_Study_Questions
Obtaining a Greater Portion (Jos 21)
Joshua 21 Introduction: A Greater Deal
Joshua 21:1-7 A Special Calling
Joshua 21:8-42 A Special Service
Joshua 21:43-45 A Special Promise
Joshua 21 Bible Study Questions

Joshua 23 Bible Study
Joshua 23:1-16 Intro: Cling & Cleave
Joshua 23:1-11 Cling to God
Joshua 23:12-13 Don't Cling to World
Joshua 23:14-16 Make up your mind
Effectively Dealing with Defeat & Despair (Joshua 7:1-15)
Joshua 7:1-15: Learning about Defeat and Failures
Joshua 7:1-5: Falling into Failure
Joshua 7:6-10: Staying in Disgrace
Joshua 7:11-15: Road to Recovery
Joshua 7:1-15: Bible Study Questions

Other Articles on Biblical Leadership

Other Articles on Biblical Leadership

Bible Studies on Godly Living
Dangers of Counseling
Setting Priorities
7 Principles to Spirit Dependent Teaching

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