Old Testament Geographical Historical Summary

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Including many maps and diagrams
OT Survey
Chronological Chart of OT Books
Hebrew Bible Books/ Canon
Old Testament Geographical Historical Map

OT Law, Pentateuch

Genesis Index
Introduction to Genesis
Outline and Genealogies
Unified Themes of Genesis
Genealogy Time Chart: Genesis 5
Genealogy Time Chart: Genesis 11
Ancient History - Chronology
Tracing the Two Seeds Of Mankind
Genesis 1:1-2:3
The Worship of the Creator
The Meaning of Creation
Creation Lessons on God.
God and the World's Religions
Genesis & Birth Control
Genesis 2:4-17
Preparation for Man (Genesis 2:4-6)
Creation of Man (Gen. 2:7, 1:26-27)
Purpose for Man (Genesis 2:8-17)
Good and evil from Genesis 2
Genesis 2-9
Genesis 2:18-25 Great Marriages Happen!
Genesis 2:18-25 The Foundation of Marriage
Genesis 5: Time chart of patriarchs (1)
Genesis 5: Enoch's Secret Word: Methusaleh (1)
Genesis 6:1-3 Finding a Wife the wrong and right way
Genesis 12-22 Abraham's Life
Genesis 12.1 The Call
Genesis 12.2-3 The Promises
Genesis 12:10-20; 20; Place Detour:
Genesis 12.13-14 Person Detour
Genesis 15 The Means
Genesis 16-17 Procedure Detour
Genesis 16,17,22 Consequences of failing to wait for God
Genesis 22 The Testing
Genesis 25-37 Jacob's Life
Influence of Sin
God and Man's Sin
Understanding Man's Sin Nature
Understanding Jacob's Sins

Genesis 50:15-26 Grace to Freely Forgive (Joseph)

Exodus 3:14 Discussion of "I am" and Yahweh
Exodus 20:5-6 Influence of Parents
Exodus 33:7-11 Building Excitement for Devotions
Exodus 33:12-19 Biblical Word Study on 'Grace'


Numbers Overview, Intro, Themes (The Lord's Battle)

Deuteronomy 22:5 Gender Culture Sins
OT Historical Books

Introduction, Outline and Purpose of Joshua
Historical/Geographical Map of Joshua
Map of Canaan before the Conquest
Joshua & Resolving Marital Conflict (many passages)
Joshua 1:8 Diagram of Meditation's Importance

Theme (Cycle of Decline and Revival)
Judges 2:10-19 Evaluating our Spiritual Lives
Judges 13-16

1 Samuel
1 Samuel 16:6-13 Full-time Ministry

2 Chronicles/Ezra
2 Chronicles 6-7 Prayer & Revival
2 Chronicles 6:14-42 King Solomon's prayer
2 Chronicles 7.12-15
God's Promise for Revival
2 Chronicles 7.14 Revival P A R (3)
2 Chronicles 20:1-30 Prayer: Study Questions

Ezra Overview,
Ezra Outline
Ezra Questions
Ezra 9-10 Marrying a Non-Christian
Ezra 9:8-10 At the Heart of Revival

Overview of Nehemiah
Historical Picture of Nehemiah and Ezra
Complete Nehemiah series (21 sermons+)

OT Poetical Books

Introduction to Job
Overview of Job
Christ and Purpose of Job
Job 1:1-5Thoughts on Life's Goals
Job 1:6-2:13
Endurance for Serious Troubles
Job 3-37
Search for Right Perspectives
Job 8 Poverty Does Not Mean Rejection
Job 38-42:9Time before a Holy God
Job 42:10-17
Satisfaction with Life's Reward

Psalm 8 God's Glory & Self-Esteem Movement
Psalm 16:11 Enjoying Pleasure
Psalm 32:1-6 (4)
Overcoming bitterness, unforgiveness
Psalm 45:4 The Necessity of Truth
Psalm 36:1-12 (3) Watching movies with God
Psalm 52 Waiting for Revenge
Psalm 55 Trusting Through Treacherous Times
Psalm 63 Six Aspects of Godly Prayers; Study Questions
Psalm 73:25-28 Principles of the Godly Man
Psalm 90 Moses and Humility; Verse by Verse
Psalm 91:1-16 Fears & Securities
Psalm 94:19 (13) Overcoming anxious thoughts.
Psalm 105:17,19 Grace for Difficult Times
Psalm 106 Finding God's Beautiful Grace
Psalm 106:10-15 From Revival to Despair
Psalm 119:25 Three Steps to Renewal
Psalm 130 Six Attitudes for Good Devotions

Proverbs 1:7-8 Developing a Good Conscience
Proverbs 4 The way to disciple your sons
Proverbs 16:1-4 From Planning to Purpose
16:1 Planning for disruptions
16:2 Receiving God's correction
16:3 Trusting God with our plans
16:4 Desiring God's purpose
Proverbs 30:1-4 Oracle of Agur

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 Seeking Pleasure

OT Prophets

Isaiah the Prophet
Book of Isaiah Plan and Outline

Redemptive Chart of Isaiah
Light & Dark Illustrative Diagram
Outline of Isaiah
Short summaries of sections of Isaiah
Background of the Book of Isaiah
A Timeline of Isaiah
Isaiah and Judah's Chronology
Assyria's Relationship with Israel/Judah
Isaiah Studies
Isaiah 6:1-12 Four Steps to Righteous Living
Isaiah 9:5-6 Names of Yahweh
Isaiah 11:1-5 Spirit Dependent Living
Isaiah 11:6-16 Christ's Rule
Isaiah 29-32 Waiting and Planning
Isaiah 38 Steps to Waiting upon God
Isaiah 40:1-5 Understanding Discipleship
Isaiah 43:1-2,7,18-21 Discovering the Will of God
Isaiah 50:4-5 The Heart of True Discipleship
Isaiah 53 (52:13-53) The Making of a Godly Leader (ADT)
Isaiah 52:13-15 Isaiah 53:1-3 Isaiah 53:4-6 Isaiah 53:7-9 Isaiah 53:10-12
Isaiah 53 (52:13-53) Study questions on Suffering
Isaiah 53 (52:13-53:12) Reflections on Isaiah 53
Isaiah 60:1-5 A Shining Light

Old Testament: Prophets (Continued)


Theme of Unfaithful Men

Ezekiel 14 Misunderstandings Questions
Ezekiel 28:12-17 The Devil & His Powers

Daniel 1 The Importance of Training

Micah Themes & Background
Micah Outline Summary
Micah 4:1-5 Mountain of the Lord Questions
Micah 4:11-5:5 Commentary

Zephaniah study - Call to Revival
Gathering Before His Throne
Relevance to our Lives | Historical | Overview
A.Voluntarily Gathering 1:1-2:3 Questions | Notes | Outline
B.Willingly Gathering 2:3-3:13 Questions | Notes | Outline
C. Gladly Gathering 3:14-3:20 Questions | Notes | Outline

Haggai studies: Rebuilding the Temple
Haggai Introduction
Haggai 1:1-11 Notes Questions
Haggai 1:12-2:9 Notes Questions
Haggai 2:10-23 Notes Questions
Discovering Effective Leadership in Haggai
Overcoming Discouragement and Depression in Haggai

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