Ephesians: In the Heavenly Realms

The Power of Speaking the Truth

Ephesians 4:25

– The Bible Teacher's Commentary –

Paul J. Bucknell

Ephesians 4:25 ~ "The Necessity of Speaking the Truth" is part 3 of 5 for The Bible Teacher's Commentary on Ephesians 4:25 where Paul tells us the importance and need for speaking the truth. Blessings follow the truth and cursings follow any deviance from speaking the truth. Bible study questions forms the last study.

B) The Necessity of Speaking the Truth (Ephesians 4:25b)

Therefore, laying aside falsehood, SPEAK TRUTH, EACH ONE of you, WITH HIS NEIGHBOR, for we are members of one another (Ephesians 4:25).

The Command & Blessings

We cannot only say that we will not speak lies anymore. We need to undercover the lies that we have spoken. Like a flashlight, we need to expose each and every lie. We do that by speaking the truth. This has two important aspects.

expose problems of lies: deceit, gossip, lyingFirst of all, we expose our past lies. Without a complete reversal through confession, the lies from the past will ensnare any plans to speak the truth in the future. Clear them out for once, and they cannot haunt you anymore. Satan the Accuser might bring it to your memory, but it is cleansed and dealt with through Christ’s blood.

Secondly, we only speak the truth. We live an honest life where we no longer deceive, lie and gossip. We value speaking the truth to such a point that it overcomes our desires to get something for ourselves through lying. Being honest so that we can please God becomes a strong motivational factor throughout our lives that shapes all our decisions. Once one starts living this way, life is much simpler. You can sleep at night. You need not worry if you are found out. We will also start seeing significant help in overcoming temptations. Temptations are built on lies so by exposing one’s own lies, then one can start seeing and appreciating the truth.

The Test

I remember trying to get summer jobs. Others would lie on their applications to get in. I refused to. Sometimes I got the job; sometimes I didn’t. The application questions that troubled me the most were about how long I would work there or why I was wanted the job. The same problem would happen in many different situations in my life. Applying for scholarships. Telling the teacher whether I completely read a book or not. It might even be about a place I would rent.

Let me give you an example. When we wanted to rent a place to start a new church, I remembered being scared about telling the truth. There were many people who would want a first floor place to live. I had looked long and hard and found none. Suddenly one opened up. The living room walls were covered with red incense from burning incense to the idols. I thought, "Surely they would not rent to me if I told them the truth about me wanting to start a church here in her place." But I had to put my trust into saying the truth. I had to tell myself over and over, "If God wants me to have the place, then telling the truth will never keep me from getting it." On the other hand, if God does not want me to have it, and I lie to get it, then I am not rightly seeking God’s will but my own.

I have found over the years that saying the truth would always protect me. The lie about lies is that they will help you out. You might get your way, but you will not get God’s blessings. Relying on lies is actually trusting in your own craftiness. This is the opposite of trusting in the Lord. Saying the truth will often place you in a place where you will seem to lose hundreds of dollars, special discounts (senior citizen), and gain friendships.

The lie about lies is that they will actually help you.

It is in every way better to be humble and honest. Let God help you when you need it. Don’t rely on yourself. Jacob had to learn the hard way. Don’t you!

Let me mention a few other thoughts about telling the truth. Each of you speak the truth.

It doesn’t matter if everyone else is lying, you better not lie. I know that I have paid more taxes than others because I didn’t lie. But I can also go right to sleep when many can’t sleep. I do not fear the law. I have been honest. I will not even lie about the reason to get a visa. This does not mean we cannot be wise, but we do need to be honest. Do not make an exception for yourself. Do not think for you to say a lie in this or that situation is okay. Do not justify your lie. But as the scriptures say, "Speak the truth."

Speak the truth to your neighbor.

We need to speak the truth with the people we are closest too. It is easier, perhaps, to do this with people you will never see again. But it is extra hard to tell the truth to people you see day by day. God’s command is to speak the truth to them.

Parents must speak truthfully to their children. - Do not make false threats.

Is a parent telling the truth when he or she tells threatens the child that he will leave the child by himself in a strange spot if they do not obey? "Okay, I will go without you!" Is it true? If not, then don’t use it. Actually, it is not good to motivate children by fear of estrangement. Otherwise, the child will learn the spirit of fear rather than love. The child will know you do not tell the truth and when they are a bit older, they will lie straight to your face. Speak to your children with the truth.

If the little child makes a drawing, is it a lie to tell them it is good? Not usually. Your comments are graded according to their efforts, skills and abilities. But if they could improve, kindly tell them where they can improve. Only first encourage them on what they have done. Develop a relationship where they can feel your love and accept your suggestions.

Children must stop lying to their parents.

You might think everyone lies to get what they want. That is a lie! God never wants you to lie. David or Daniel developed a great confidence in God’s presence despite their terrible situations. Daniel fought deceit by keeping his windows open when he prayed. When you lie to your siblings or parents, sooner or later God will make sure it catches up with you. That might be on Judgment Day, but hopefully earlier on when there is still hope for repentance.

Instead, dream of being a wonderful boy or girl who always speaks the truth. This is what will happen. First of all, it will be hard. You will need to confess past sins. But once that it is over, it will be much easier not to lie. You will learn to ask God for more wisdom on how you need to speak the truth in love. After you do this, when you pray, you will instantly feel that God is nearer. He will be. He hates liars but loves the righteous. Far more important than beating some computer games is your pleasing God with an honest heart and lips. He will reward you. Seek His reward rather than what you can sneakily get by lying.

Friends must speak truthfully to each other.

Sometimes our cultures do not train us well for good friendships. Sometimes we have been hurt by rumors and gossip. We are unwilling to make ourselves vulnerable by sharing with others. Others are much too proud to be honest. For example, a friend asks, "Do you have any prayer requests?" You want them to think you are doing well. You say, "Fine." But really, you have some deep problem but are afraid to share about it. If you are not sure that would be a good time to share, say, "Yes, but I don’t have time to talk to you now about it." Or if it is a private matter, just say, "I do but I can’t share it with you. Would you please pray for me over this certain decision?"

Most relationships do not grow very deep because we are too superficial. Get honest. Tell your friend your problem and ask him to pray. If you start being honest, you will be surprise how much more of God’s blessing will enter that relationship. I have learned that even speaking with non-Christians, it is best to be honest. It opens conversations. "I used to have a terrible time stealing things!" They then want to know what changed you. Well you can then share about how God dealt with you on that matter. One often finds that they are much more willing to open up because you first did.

Spouses should not deceive each other.

The two are to be one. There are not to be secrets between a couple but total transparency. If a couple does not pursue honesty, then they will end up deceiving and being deceived. In fact, because of the closeness in proximity, they will deceive each other even more. One might say things that are not true. One might keep back the real reasons they do things.

These marriages go from bad to worse because intimacy is built on trust. But the one who deceives cannot trust. They do not know it is possible. They manipulate often through deceit. Again, the way back is simply by one spouse breaking the syndrome with honesty.

Frankly, if you want a good marriage, be honest. If you want a lousy one, lie. God rewards you. Yes, I know if you open up and share some of those dark secrets that you will face some challenging times. On the other hand, these are the very opportunities the Lord wants to bring about so that there is healing. Why else would He tell us to lay aside falsehood and speak the truth? He wants smash the ways of the devil and break the locks of defeat. It is hard to be honest because we see how horrible we are.


Lying never pays off. It even deceives one on its promises. Truth, however, even though it seems abrasive and threatening at times, actually leads to greater dependence upon God in which we find His glorious blessing. If you have trouble in your relationships or in seeking God’s will, check again and see if you have been totally honest with everyone. One might seem that one will lose out by being honest but God makes sure it does not. He loves rewarding the righteous.

Let's now look at a reason why we should only speak the truth and not lies. Next =>

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