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Video Discipleship Training Seminar #1 Essomo #1

D2 Reaching Beyond Mediocrity: Becoming an Overcomer -
Omutendera Mu buyigirizwa 2 Okukunukiriza Ebisinga Ebimala

Establishing Hope Okunyweza Esuubi

Translated from English into Luganda (Uganda)

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Video/audio Training: #1 Hope | #2 Choice | #3 Strength | #4 Fight
Overcome...: #5 Anxiety | #6 Pride | #7 Lusts | #8 Anger
Overcome...:#9 Depression | #10 Overcomer

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Purpose: Establishing Hope, the first of ten videos in the Discipleship 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity series, shows the importance of hope and how to gain a strong confidence in God's Word so we can move onto the third level of discipleship. Bilingual: English into Luganda.

Yiga okukolagana n’obutaba na suubi kati!
Okunyweza esuubi, essomo elisooka mu buyigirizwa 2: Okukunukiriza Ebisinga Ebimala amasomo, galaga omugaso gw’esuubi era engeri y’okufunamu obugumu obw’amaanyi mu kigambo kya Katonda olwo fena tusobole okugenda mu maaso mu kukula kwafe mu mwoyo nga tutunulide edala ely’okusatu ery’obuyigirizwa.

This Discipleship Level 2 series on Reaching Beyond Mediocrity, I believe, will for many unlock problems that have kept them back from living Christ-filled lives. It is not that we are not trying. Many of us have tried to grow so hard and for so long, but troublesome questions never are answered. The doubt hovering about these questions hold us back from going forward. See questions below. Click video to view.

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity - Being an Overcomer
Omutendera Mu buyigirizwa 2Okukunukiriza Ebisinga Ebimala
Session #1 - Establishing Hope: Download: Video | Audio | Handout: English - Luganda

Questions to ponder:

We hope all these questions will be partially if not wholly answered through this Discipleship 2 series. We actually hope to introduce the key thoughts in the first three lessons and then practically illustrate them through the following lessons. This gives us plenty of time to both understand and apply these principles to our lives. We hope that you not only have things to take home for yourself but for others too.


As we observe growth occur, it is much easier to share these things with others. Our growth is meant to bring a good effect upon others around us. Before going on, however, let us tie this series into the overall scheme of spiritual growth the Lord has for our lives.

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