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Discipleship 2 bilingual: English into Luganda

Audio Discipleship Training Seminar #4

D2 Reaching Beyond Mediocrity: Becoming an Overcomer -
Omutendera Mu buyigirizwa 2 Okukunukiriza Ebisinga Ebimala

#4 Fight to Win -
Okulwana Okuwangula

Translated from English into Luganda (Uganda)

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Video/audio Training: #1 Hope | #2 Choice | #3 Strength | #4 Fight
Overcome...: #5 Anxiety | #6 Pride | #7 Lusts | #8 Anger
#9 Depression | #10 Overcomer

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Purpose: Lesson #4 "Fight to Win" helps us understand spiritual warfare and put it into practice by highlighting the process through which it occurs. Learn how to overcome through a close examination of two deadly sins: self-reliance and insecurity. Learn to be victorious! Fighting to Win is the fourth mp3 audio lesson in the Discipleship Level 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity translated from English into Luganda.

spiritual warfareOkutegeera olutalo olw’omwoyo era engeri ey’okuwangula okuyita mu mazima.

Okutegeera olutalo olw’omwoyo era n’okuteeka mu nkola nga olaga emitendera mwegiyita okubaawo. Yiga engeri y’okuwangula okuyita mu kugezesebwa okuli okumpi okw’ebibi ebibiri eby’akabi: okwesigama ku gwe kenyini n’obutali butebenkevu. Yiga okuba omuwanguzi!

Click below to view the video onGain Strength - Okufuna Amaanyi!

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity - Being an Overcomer
Omutendera Mu buyigirizwa 2
Session #4 -Fight to Win - Okulwana Okuwangula
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Basic Discipleship Stage
Basic discipleship stage and BFF materials.
Intermediate Discipleship Stage
intermediate discipleship stage and BFF materials.
Advanced Discipleship Stage
Advanced discipleship stage and BFF materials.
The Flow
Diagram of integrated Discipleship
Spirit-Dependent Teaching
7 principles on excellent teaching.
Designing discipleship curriculum
Stages and goals of discipleship
Discipleship Shapers
Learning how Christians grow
Understanding the Cycle of Decline and Revival (Judges 2)