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key to life

The Key to Life



revive devotions

Catching the Excitement of Personal Devotions & Quiet Times


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Goodness of God

Learn how your godliness is dependent on how much you know God as good.

Equipping the Saints - Ephesians 4

The Purpose of Training

Christian Living by Understanding the Mind of Christ

BFF Burmese Christian Training Library

English and Burmese
(Bamar - Myanmar language)

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

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World-changing Prayers (Nehemiah 1) | Facing Tests (Job 1)
Forgiveness (Genesis 50)


Four Burmese Christian Sets of Video/Audio Training Materials

Burmese Resource Library DVDThe BFF Burmese Digital Library!

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Initiating Spiritual Growth in the Church

Burmese: Initiating Spiritual Growth in the Church

Purpose of this Discipleship Training Seminar

Provide quality Biblical teaching on discipleship in the Burmese language to help pastors, evangelists and church planters to understand and develop the growth of the church. Burmese heading

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Reaching Beyond Mediocrity - Becoming an Overcomer -English Translated into Burmese

D2 Burmese Video/Audio Discipleship Training Seminar

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity:
Being an Overcomer

Purpose of Discipleship 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity series shows the importance of hope and how to gain a strong confidence in God's Word so we can move on in their spiritual maturity towards the image of Christ. The first four lessons develop the foundation while the other lessons build upon that foundation as they treat special topics.

D2 intro

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Burmese Building a Great MarriageD2 intro

Description of Building a Great Marriage in Burmese

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Burmese Christian Video/Audio Teaching resources

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