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Questions of fulfillment
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What is marriage designed for?

Although Jesus reaffirmed these exact same foundational blocks in the New Testament in Matthew 19:1-12, let us leap forward into the lofty purpose of marriage from God's perspective. Marriage is a symbol of something even greater. When we reject marriage, we reject God's very person and plan. This is the reason that the societies that no longer protect and value marriage, fall apart. The Chinese empire stood strong for several millennium because of the strong teaching of marriage and family.

Influence of truth on Society

This New Testament passage crowns the Old Testament ones. This might sound like an overstatement, but the writer speaks of this passage just like this – one of the greatest mysteries of all. The husband-wife relationship was used as a illustration of Christ's relationship with His own people.

mystery is great;
but I am speaking with reference
to Christ and the church."
Ephesians 5:31,32, NASB

"This mystery is great; but I am speaking with
reference to Christ and the church."
We must be careful to see that we are not talking about the sex act in itself, but the bonding together in heart and body of the husband and wife. The mystery simply is a picture of how Christ left His heavenly Father to take a bride unto Himself to share his glory forever and ever.

Here are some of the analogies:

    • Christ left His heavenly Father
          - Husband leaves his father

    • Christ secured a bride (with His life)
          - Husband secures a bride (with dowry)

    • The church (His people) belongs to Christ
          - The wife belongs to her husband

There is utmost devotion expressed between the husband and wife in the context of a life-long relationship. This picture is radiantly built into the human race on the wedding day. The bridegroom is happy as the new husband. The bride is happy being his wife. The bridegroom should not want to be the bride. The bride should not want to be the bridegroom. They both have different roles that cause the relationship to blend together in joy and enrichment as long as both of them should live. So what is the secret message from God that is revealed here?