The Big Race

Joining in
What is the race like?
Can I make it?
Does it really matter?

Getting Ready
Getting in Shape
Your Trainers
Distance Training
Course Overview

Crossing the Line
Readying the Mind
Mastering the Course
Deciding to Win
Feel for winning
Building blocks
Design of marriage
Relevance of marrriage
Life changing truths
1) Loving or lusting
Choice of love
Fulfillment problems
Sources of love
Questions of love
Overcoming lusts
2) Filled or empty
Finding fulfillment
Problems of fulfillment
Sources of fulfillment
Questions of fulfillment
3) Security or loneliness
Choosing security
Overcoming loneliness
Clarifying our destination

Our Battle Plan

Running the Race
Gaining stamina
Overcoming hurdles
Roadside cheer
Feeling overwhelmed
Thoughts controlled!

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3) Forever Secure
The two choices
The choice of security
Overcoming lusts


Modernity celebrates change. It thrives on what is new and exciting. They hold out promises which say that many new relationships are better than one long drawn out one. Life is often so presented because they do not have quality of relationship which enables them to even want to think about the permanency of such a relationship. This generation is afraid of commitments because they have seen the pain stemming from many marriages.

Instead of giving up on one life-long partner, they should instead want to live the way God designed them to best function. What is the advantage? Why don't we compare them.
A broken life
 – sad loneliness

Those ensnared in lusts know the meaning and implications of brokenness. Life is a series of broken relationships.
Depressing loneliness.
Momentary feelings are quickly submerged in the darkness of shame and self-hatred.

Friendships are superficial; they are not meant to last. People use others and others use them. It is business not true friendship. Shallowness and superficiality describe their life for it was not meant to continue. They have no real joy or love that should continue. The serving of self is not fit to endure.

Modern lives are broken into so many pieces that no one ever knew or hoped that they could be put together. They don't even know there is such a thing as a whole.

Love forever
 – joyful security

Love, joy and friendship are meant to last forever. They were made to endure. Deep relationships fulfill the need of belonging and idenity.
Deep fulfillment.
When discovering a fulfilling relationship, one needs not keep looking for new relationships. They are content where they are. They are happy spending more time developing even deeper relationship.

Mutual acceptance and the seeking to care for other people initiate a series of friendships complementing the intimate relationship one already has.
God has designed a special and binding relationship with His people that protects and secures them forever. "And they lived happily ever after" is true. This truth is symbolized and taught through a loyal and lifelong marriage. Once God has entered a relationship with man and bound Himself to it, their own relationship will go on forever and ever. The relationship with God will be the prime one that leads and shapes all others. The pleasure, the joy and love found in meeting with God will influence every other friendship one might have.

"and they shall see His face, and
His name [shall be] on their foreheads.
And there shall no longer be [any] night;
and they shall not have need of the light of a lamp nor the light of the sun,
because the Lord God shall illumine them; and
they shall reign forever and ever.
(Revelation 22:4-5)