The Big Race

Joining in
What is the race like?
Can I make it?
Does it really matter?

Getting Ready
Getting in Shape
Your Trainers
Distance Training
Course Overview

Crossing the Line
Readying the Mind
Mastering the Course
Deciding to Win
Feel for winning
Building blocks
Design of marriage
Relevance of marrriage
Life changing truths
1) Loving or lusting
Choice of love
Fulfillment problems
Sources of love
Questions of love
Overcoming lusts
2) Filled or empty
Finding fulfillment
Problems of fulfillment
Sources of fulfillment
Questions of fulfillment
3) Security or loneliness
Choosing security
Overcoming loneliness
Clarifying our destination

Our Battle Plan

Running the Race
Gaining stamina
Overcoming hurdles
Roadside cheer
Feeling overwhelmed
Thoughts controlled!

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2) Inner Fulfillment

The two choices
The choice of fulfillment
Finding fulfillment
Sources of fulfillment
Questions of love

Overcoming lusts


Three life truths displayed by marriage must be embraced to find fulfillment and meaning in life. The first is unconditional love. When we choose to love, we cannot lust. The second principle is inner fulfillment. When we receive the love of God, then we are filled. There is no room for that emptiness that craves for things. In short, love is so abundant, that it does not leave any room for that cheap empty feeling. When we are full, we do not want anymore. We are satisfied.

This second response builds upon the first truth principle of enduring love. Without the first, there would not be the second. The husband initiates and cultivates the relationship with an unconditional love into the relationship. The wife is used to picture what happens when this love is properly responded to.
Unfair? Really?
Some believe this call of the wife to submit and respect her husband to be totally unreasonable. We can understand the pain that has been borne by women from abusive husbands. It is true, when lusts have ruled over love and selfishness stepped on the needs of others, abuse has occurred and will occur again. The true picture of marriage has been blurred. But our demand for riddance of this female response role is to create that much more abuse in our hearts and society. God's solution is better.
Cost of walking away
Anytime we step away from our God-given roles, we face barrenness of all sorts both in our souls and bodies. Why? Because if our innate needs are not properly fulfilled, then we will resort to other things to fill our lives. We will always need to be filled with something, it just depends what we will be filled with. What a difference between having a water bottle filled with water rather than air on a hot day! Only the love of God can fulfill our lives. Cheap thrills and relationships never will fulfill. This is what establishes true abuse in our society. Our society today seems to recognize the forceful aggressor but finds no room for the responsive blessed and encouraged wife.


We will always need to be filled with something, it just depends what we will be filled with.