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1) Loving or lusting
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2) Filled or empty
Finding fulfillment
Problems of fulfillment
Sources of fulfillment
Questions of fulfillment
3) Enduring or broken
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Overcoming loneliness
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The Relevance of Marriage

Increasing numbers believe that sexual purity in and out of marriage is a relic of the past. However, those who live sexually pure lives have the most fulfilled lives. We need to very openly deal with this topic because we are fighting strong sexual lusts in a very sensual world. Unless we are convinced of purity's greatness and design, we will fall back into the dingy and despairing hole of lust. We need to see how we have been tricked so that we are not again deceived. We need to stop being willing to subsitute the grossly inferior for the grand and glorious.


We have spoken earlier about two approaches to understanding the world. One believes that there is no design to what exists; the other believes in God's good and perfect design. We want to show you how the view without design for marriage absolutely stinks in comparison to what God has arranged. The difference is not like being forced to eat an apple which you do not like because it is the only thing available. Not at all.

The image is like having two apples in front of you. You have a choice of an absolutely rotten apple, brown and slimy, or of having a delicious and wonderfully fresh tasting apple. Rottenness or freshness. Death or life.


The secrets of marriage are foundational to the design of our lives. These truths stem from the very nature of God and are instilled into the fabric of the universe. They are so precious to God that He has built them into marriage itself so the world would have access to them. God uses marriage to evenly distribute them into our lives. Each child is brought into the world by a Dad and Mom and hopefully brought up by loving parents. We object to thosewho confuse this model such as homosexuals adopting children, clones and even test-tube babies. Remember, we are here describing the deep and beautiful purpose of marriage.
God's truth of marriage.
If you are single or divorced, it is important that you understand these three truths too. They have to do with the way you view your life. Impure sex habits can be overcome by embracing God's good and holy purpose for marriage. Don't skip over them. The clearer the vision, the easier you can run the race. These truths are simply amazing. They are life changing.