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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Testimonies of Waiting Upon God

Paul J. Bucknell

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Testimonies on how a person needed to wait on God in difficult circumstances. Exciting stories show how to practically wait on God!

  • Share why you had to 'wait upon Him' during a certain period in life.

  • How does one waiting upon the Lord destroy ungodly self-confidence?

Share why you had to 'wait upon Him' during a certain period in life.

  • Unplanned Sabbaticals

The Lord has at different times in my life at otherwise very busy ministry times taken me and put me aside. Usually it was about 1 year in length. It did not seem to be for discipline purposes but instead that I would spend more time with Him and family. Ministry during those times took different shape than previously.

Each time I had to combat feelings of insignificance. From busy public ministry with so many rewards to silent retreats where one wanders how long one will be in such a place. The key was for me to keep diligent with the small things the Lord puts in front of you. He is perfectly arranging things to test and to train and of course to serve.


Today was a special day. In some ways it was typical. I greatly needed the Lord to help me we ideas. This is especially needed when on the last couple days of a long project. I felt like not doing it. In this case I needed material. I prayed for help.

He provided the right thoughts so I could know and find some past material that I could work off of. Once I saw the former material, He brought in all the eagerness and excitement that was stored up there. This happened two times even as I was closing up this series on Waiting on God. My heart if overfilled with joy in His ways.

Planning a Big Project

Back in 1985 I had a chance to take a course on church planting. It was excellent. Very practical. I was soon heading back to Taiwan as a church planter and not sure how God would lead. I needed to wait upon Him.

The most difficult and yet joyful point was that we worked closely with the already established church. Part of the course required writing out a goal and strategy on how one was going to start a church. Yet those who wait for the Lord ... Isaiah 40:31I was very familiar with what we wanted to do. Part of Fengshan was newly developed and for 50,000 people only had one small church.

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I prayed and developed two plans, one being my dream plan. This would have us living there, working closely in a big team with national coworkers and other mission workers. Everything seemed green light except we couldn't get into that community.

Because of this the church changed its plans from starting a church to just an evangelical event. What seemed so good and possible was seemingly becoming impossible. We had no other recourse. My wife and I spent numberous times walking around that large area looking for a place to rent. It was a hot and humid summer. We just couldn't find anything on the lower floors that could double up for a church meeting place.

On one hot afternoon, when I suggested that we go back. My wife asked if we covered that one area. I didn't think so so we walked another mile in hope of finding something. A shop keeper said they just heard of one owner wanting to move out. They said they were on the first floor.

We found that the Lord had provided that place for us. We were disappointed with the red incense that was all over the walls and ceiling from their idol worship, but we knew it was a place that the Lord opened up for us. Within literal weeks, we moved in, the evangelistic campaign started, and we had a team of 10+ coworkers, many of which would come down just on the weekend to help!

God made us desperate so that we would see how powerful He was. His timing was perfect..

How does one waiting upon the Lord destroy ungodly self-confidence?

Birthing More Than a Child

Our problem is doing things on our own. If we can do them on our own, then we don't depend upon God. This leads to the path where we just don't think we need God to live. The advantage of living by faith in what God provides is that He brings us through narrow passes. Time after time, we are brought close of running into debt. Sometimes it is just days or hours to spare.

We have been used to receiving a salary. 'Guaranteed income.' We just don't have the same opportunities of learning. For example, we had a baby and though we had her at home, the bill was around $5,000. We had some coverage that would cover $2,000, but we just didn't have that extra cash. We asked and saw that the Center would give us reduced cost but it wasn't too much. Meanwhile we kept praying.

One day we received this postcard from a man saying, "We are working with doctors and hospitals on some of the larger bills. Please wait for us to contact you with any discoutns before paying these bills." The night before Thanksgiving we receive this phone call saying that they agreed to take another $1200. off the bill which brought the bill to just what we could afford!

I should mention we as a whole family would be praying before and after the baby that God would provide. How amazing that with small gifts and two large discounts, one because this man was able to bring down the discount more, God cared for the costs of His little girl.

We all learned how to wait on God. We couldn't do it but God was able. As these experiences pile up, we find that we become more and more God-dependent. When we are faithful; He is faithful.