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Waiting on God

Study Questions for Waiting upon God

Paul J. Bucknell

Waiting Upon the Lord | Waiting & Planning | Steps to Waiting | Fail to Waiting
iblical Perspective on Waiting| Waiting for Ministry |Waiting for Revenge
Waiting for a Wife | Trusting through Treachery | Waiting for Christ's Return
Study Questions | Testimonies on Waiting Upon the Lord
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This sheet is designed to serve as a study sheet for The Godly Man series on Waiting Upon God not Man. See the bottom for the overview reading for this series. Yet those who wait for the Lord ... Isaiah 40:31We have eliminated graphics for easy printing or copying into your own word processor.

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We are hoping that with the questions in mind, your study will be more focused and profitable. You might try making a short prayer as a response to each significant thought. I have added links to bring you to the question's relevant section.


1 Waiting Upon God not Man

  1. At what point do our hearts become desperate, our faith is proved, and our hope is purified

  2. How is waiting upon God related to us growing as a Christian?

  3. What is one or two definitions for 'waiting upon God?" Memorizing one.

  4. Why do we feel inadequate and confused during these 'waiting' times?

1 Waiting and Planning    Isaiah 29-32

  1. Why are distractions a means to hide plans from God?

  2. If we are going to seek God's plan, what do we need to believe about it?

  3. Why are we often caught up with our plans? How was this so in Isaiah 30?

  4. What is God's attitude toward us even when we haven't sought Him as His people?

  5. What are three things that the Israelites trusted in that the shouldn't have?

  6. How have seminaries failed to train God's people rightly?

  7. How have abundant resources become a snare to Christian lives?

  8. How does pragmatism and waiting on God have differ?

1 Steps to Waiting on God   Isaiah 38

  1. What brought on Hezekiah's waiting on God?

  2. What are the three principles to waiting upon God?

  3. What do tests force us to do?

  4. Why is it important to reject our own resources?

  5. What are two things that characterized Hezekiah's prayer?

1 Failing to Wait ... Genesis 16, 17, 22

  1. Why are perfectionists so sensitve to criticism?

  2. How did Abraham fail?

  3. What reasons did Abraham use to justify this decision?

  4. What were the consequences of failing to wait for God to fulfill the promise?

  5. How did God later deal with Abraham?

  6. What does this show us about God's dealing with His people who have failed?

1 Is 'Waiting upon God' biblically supported?

  1. When in the scriptures does the phrase 'waiting' for God become popular?

  2. What is one suggestion for its common occurence there?

  3. How do the meanings of wait upon differ from believe or trust in?

  4. List at least four things that people wait upon God for.

  5. Write a short summary on how waiting upon God practically affects a person's life?

1 Waiting for Ministry ... 1 Samuel 16:6-13

  1. Is this frustrating delay to enter ministry common among God's servants?

  2. What are some of the problems they face when they try to enter into the ministry?

  3. Why do many people think seminary will prepare them for ministry? Does it prepare them for the Lord's ministry?

  4. Why is God so interested in training?

  5. What three lessons did the Lord teach Samuel so that he could find the right one for the job?

  6. Why was this delay into full service of God so important to David? Was it an accident or deliberate?

1 Waiting for Revenge ... Psalm 52

  1. What is our response when we see such a horrible evil as treacherys?

  2. What evil did David see?

  3. Why is it okay to think about what makes such an act bad or evil?

  4. How did you respond to such evil acts that you have met up with?

  5. Is it okay to wish for revenge?

  6. Explain David's attitude towards revenge.

  7. What are the four "I's" in verse 8-9?

  8. How do they show David's way of finally resolving the reality of evil in his life?

1 Waiting for a Wife ... Genesis 6:1-3

  1. What is the most important element in waiting for a wife?

  2. What characterized these sons of God?

  3. If I notice myself contemplating the beauty of one or more women, what should I do?

  4. Why is it considered too late when the godly start intermarrying?

  5. What was going to happen to the people God brought back from the exile? Why?

  6. List at least two suggestions for finding a wife that you will appropriate or pass on.

1 Trusting Through Treachery ... Psalm 55

  1. How is treachery different than regular acts of violence or injustice?

  2. The closer they are to you, the more the pain..

  3. List the six descriptions David has of the one who betrayed him.

  4. What was it like for Jesus to be treacherously dealt with?

  5. What are the five steps to fully dealing with betrayal?

  6. How did St. Patrick show that he had fully forgiven those that captured him?

1 Waiting Upon Christ's Return

  1. What term is used to help the Christian understand that this life is only temporary?

  2. What does it mean if we are not eagerly waiting for Christ's return?'

  3. List at least four things that we need the Lord to do upon His return?

  4. What are some concerns about improving our society? How should we best go about this?

Testimonies 1

  1. What challenged you from the testimonies?

  2. What are you prompted to change from these testimonies?