Genesis: Reliability of Text, Outlines and Time Charts (Chonological).

The Chronology of Genesis

Genesis 5 and Genesis 11 Time Charts

Paul Bucknell

Genesis 5 and 11 both describe ten key generational figures, each taking about 1000 years which provides a great chronology of this ancient period. The pattern is clear. The last figure in the generations both have significant sons.

         Genesis Chronology
   1) Genesis 5 Time Chart
   2) Genesis 11 Time Chart
   3) Ancient History Chart

The dates are contrived by analyzing the year they were born in relationship to each other. One can see this better in the Noahic genealogy.

Genesis 5 & 11 Time Charts

Genesis 5 Chronology Time Chart: Genealogy: Ten Generations from Adam to Noah.
If we think that it would have been impossible to know all of this information, then we should remember how long these guys lived! Adam died just a generation before Noah.
Genesis 11 Chronology Time chart: Genealogy: Ten Generations from Noah to Abraham.
The above dates are accurately measured and derived only by the genealogical information from the scriptures starting with Adam at year zero. An amazing amount of information has been given to us. The big question is how does that dating coordinate with our modern dating system.

A Course of Ancient History in Abraham's Day

Abraham can be dated both by outside chronological events and circumstances. He is said to live around 2,000 B.C. There seems to be a connection point with the Genesis dating and the modern calendars. Note the chronological chart below diagraming ancient history. Abraham lived in the thriving 'modern' city of Ur, well testified to in archaelogical digs.

Course of Ancient History in Abraham's Day.


Genesis carefully records the beginning of man's history. To strip the time framework that the scripture gives to mankind is to take away from God's Word. Perhaps we need a bit more faith to face all the cave man and Neanderthal stories and myths. Then let it be. But God's Word will not change. It is the truth. It is not just conveyed to bring meaning but like the gospels are connected to real time events. Genesis 5 and 11 are completely different than what we would or could read elsewhere. Real people with real lives.
Certainly we learn about God's patience with man here. Man's ugly side is revealed all over Genesis and yet God the Father of time allows time to be extended to reach a climax. When there is a beginning (think Genesis), then there is an end. We have hints of it scattered throughout Genesis in figures like Noah, Abraham and Joseph, but will not see it in its entirety until the geneaology of the second Adam, Jesus Christ.
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