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The secular and relgious worlds around us continually try to shake the foundations of our Christian faith. Many questions have arisen causing God's people to reconsider the value of living according to God's ways. The Book of Genesis provides us a wonderful opportunity to reexamine these important foundations of our lives. From this practical study of Genesis our faith is strengthened, our focus is clarified, and we surge forward in confidence of God's good plan for our lives.


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Genesis: The Book of Foundations - The Bible Teaching CommentaryThis is just a sample of the great amount of materials found in the book: Genesis: The Book of Foundations. Only some of our Genesis materials have been put on the web.

Or better yet, for a little bit more get the Old Testament Library which has this book along with powerpoints, videos and hundreds of other articles, all presented with understanding and applying God's Word to our lives. Great deal!


Lesson #1 Introduction
Introduction to Genesis

Our greatest weakness has the poorest foundation. Wherever we have built our lives on God's foundational truths, our lives are strong and vibrant.

Lesson #2 Genesis 1:1-2:3
Creation and the Worship of God

God is good. As we respond to His goodness much like a flower facing the sun, our lives are filled with His love.

Lesson #3 Genesis 2:4-17
Relationship of God and Man

Our purpose in life is found by restoring and maintaining our intimate relationship with God.

Lesson #4 Genesis 2:18-25
The Foundations of Marriage

God provides the blueprint for marriage in the Bible and gives clear guidelines to have a fulfilling marriage relationship.

Lesson #4
   The Foundations of Marriage

See Marriage Navigator for marriage articles

Lesson #5 Genesis 3:1-13
The Fall of Man

The fall of mankind away from God explains many problems encountered in our daily lives.

Genesis 3:1-13 Lesson #5
The Fall of Man | Genesis 3:1-13 Handout pdf
Temptation (Genesis 3:1-6) | Questions 3:1-6
The Fall (Genesis 3:7-13) | Questions 3:7-13

Lesson #6 Genesis 3:14-24
God's Grace in a Fallen World

Despite man's unfaithfulness, we see God's goodness implanted in His encouraging plans for mankind.

Lesson #6
   God's Grace in a Fallen World

Lesson #7 Genesis 4
Anger & Violence

The depth of man's wickedness is seen in the very first family. Even here though, we see God's plan for goodness.

Lesson #7
   Anger & Violence

Lesson #8 Genesis 5-9
The Godly Seed

Lesson #8
   The Godly Seed
Genesis 05 Time Genealogical Chart
Genesis 05 Flood

Lesson #9 Genesis 10-11
Unity & Diversity

Lesson #9
Genesis 10-11 Noah's Sons & Genealogies | Study
Genesis 10 Chart: Noah's 3 sons: Japheth, Ham, Shem
Genesis 11 Chart - Genealogy: Noah to Terah
Genesis 11:1-9 Tower of Babel | Study
Genesis 11:1-9 The Destruction of Cultures

Lesson #10 Genesis 12-22
The Journey of Abraham's Faith

Abraham did not get to be the father of faith without God's training. Through Abraham's life, we are able to obtain precious faith building principles.

Lesson #10
   A.) The Call: Genesis 12.1
   B.) The Promises: Genesis 12.2-3
   C.) The Means: Genesis 15
   D.) The Testing: Genesis 22
Lesson #10 Assignment

Lesson #11 Genesis 12-16
Abraham's Life Detours

Doubt always brings its serious consequences including Abraham. Three detours (temptations) are discussed here in helping us better discen God's will.

Lesson #11
Intro & Objectives
   A.) Place Detour: Genesis 12:10-20; 20
   B.) Person Detour: Genesis 12.13-14
   C.) Procedure Detour: Genesis 16-17
Lesson #11 Assignment
Lesson #11 Handout (pdf file)

Lesson #12 Genesis 18-19
Steps Down to Destruction: Lot

These chapters show us how God taught Abraham about His hatred for sin. Whenever sin is allowed grow unrestrained, it brings a horrible destruction.

Genesis 18-19 Steps to Destruction - The demise of cultures
Genesis 18 Lessons for Abraham
Genesis 19 Lot, his Family, Angels
Genesis 19 : Debate: Why was Sodom destroyed?

Lesson #13 Genesis 21-26
Isaac’s Model for Godly Marriages

Through the thoughts and actions, successes and failures of Isaac and Rebekah we see a role model for godly courtship.

Lesson #14 Genesis 27-36
Jacob's Life of Faith

Though a person with many shortcomings and failures, Jacob experiences God’s unconditional faithfulness.

Lesson #15 Genesis 25-37
Appreciating God's Discipline

Jacob's story gives us insight in God's dealings with our sin. God's plan helps us identify and escape these sin tendencies.

A) Influence of Sin
B) God and Man's Sin
C) Understanding Man's Sin Nature
D) Understanding Jacob's Sins
Lesson #15 Handout

Lesson #16 Genesis 37-50
Joseph's Faith and Forgiveness
Lesson #17 Genesis 37-50
Joseph's Fortitude against Tempations

Biblical Foundation School Genesis Class Schedule

Lesson Number





Introduction to Genesis



Creation and the Worship of God



Relationship of God and Man



The Foundations of Marriage



The Fall



God’s Grace in a Fallen World



Anger and Violence



Godly Seed



Unity & Diversity



Abraham's Journey of Faith



Avoiding the Detours of Life



Steps to Destruction



Isaac’s Model for Godly Marriages



Jacob’s Faith



Appreciating God's Discipline



Joseph’s Faith and Forgiveness



Joseph’s Fortitude against Temptations

The Genesis Index

Genesis Introduction:  Introduction to Genesis |  Outline and Genealogies  |  Genesis' Chronologies (5 & 11) |   Unified Themes of Genesis
Genesis 1-2:3:   The Worship of the Creator |  The Meaning of Creation  |  Creation Lessons on God.  |  God and the World's Religions
Genesis 2:4-17:    Preparation for Man (Genesis 2:4-6) |  Creation of Man (Gen. 2:7, 1:26-27) |  Purpose for Man (Genesis 2:8-17)
Genesis 2:18-25: The Foundations of Marriage
Genesis 3:1-13: The Fall of Man | Temptation (Genesis 3:1-6) | The Fall (Genesis 3:7-13) | Questions 3:1-6 | Questions 3:7-13
Genesis 5-9: Genesis Flood | Genesis 05 Genealogical Chart
Genesis 10-11: Noah's Sons| Questions | History Genesis 10:6-11 | Tower of Babel Genesis 11:1-9 | Questions | Culture Genesis 11
Genesis 12-22:   The Call: Genesis 12.1The Promises: Genesis 12.2-3  |  The Means: Genesis 15The Testing: Genesis 22
Genesis 12-16: Introduction |   Place Detour: Genesis 12:10-20; 20 |  Person Detour: Genesis 12:13-14Procedure Detour: Genesis 16-17
Genesis 14:1-24: Three Steps to Spiritual Growth | #1 Observe | #2 Utlilitize | #3 Secure
Genesis 18-19: Cultural Woes of Sodom | Appearing to Abraham | Visit to Sodom | Debate of Homosexuality and Sodom
Genesis 21-26: Isaac's Model for Godly Marriages
Genesis 27-36: Genesis 27-36 Jacob's Life of Faith
Genesis 25-37: Influence of Sin | God and Man's Sin | Understanding Man's Sin Nature | Understanding Jacob's Sins
Genesis 37-50: Joseph’s Dillusonment | Genesis 42-47:12: The Big Picture | Conclusion | The Reason

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