Genesis 28: A Mystical Experience: Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven Genesis 28

A most unusual route

Using Homesickness and disaster.

Did Jacob want to obey or was he forced to obey?

We see by a contrast with Esau’s determination to despise spiritual things that Jacob in the end did choose to obey even though somewhat under pressure to do it. Esau, on the hand, revealed his utterly rebellious heart.

What about election and faith?

Jacob didn’t seem like he was a chosen one, but God intervened. He was born from above. His life of faith, though small, began. Election in eternity will be confirmed in time through a spiritual birth, even a life of faith.

A Bethel Experience

A pillow for a rock?

Did he dream about whether the promises Isaac mentioned were real or not?

A rock for a pillow did not bring any comfort, but perhaps his desperate situation made him realize that unless the Lord worked on his behalf, he would be a runaway forever.

Maybe he thought about his own parents’ experience and thought about God’s intervention. This is what he needed.

A rock for an altar?

Anyway, he did dream of a ladder reaching into heaven. Yahweh revealed Himself to Jacob. It confirmed what Jacob needed to know, especially about returning to the land of Canaan.

It is from this experience that He promises allegiance to the Lord if he returns. Jacob upon his return came back here to his religious roots (Gen 35:6-7).


Have you been born from above?

Do you have faith in the God that saves?

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