Unity Themes of Genesis.

Understanding the Unity Themes of Genesis

Paul Bucknell

Let's look at the different ways Genesis can be understood.

Each picture is common with the others but has different emphasis that bring out different distinctive aspects of the book of Genesis. Remember, Genesis by definition is 'the beginning.' There us much to follow. We see the conclusion of much of the imagery introduced here in Genesis and developed elsewhere in the scripture fully revealed in the Book of Revelation.

Below are only six of many ways the Book of Genesis interweaves itself not only into the Holy Bible but into the lives of men and women of the twenty first century.


Genesis is coded truth.

Genesis is like genes where truths are embedded into the design of things.

In terms of microbiology, Genesis is the genes of truth. It provides the core design into which all other things are shaped. We cannot see the full ramifications of the Garden of Eden, the fall of man, sin, death, birth, Noah's ark, etc. at this point. We can identify the code from Genesis but need time and more revelation to reach its fully mature state.


Genesis carefully introduces characters and situations.

Genesis is like a good novel that subtly plants its plot so that it can later masterfully complete it.Genesis can be seen as a mystery in which the plot is being shown. We get only glimpses of it so that we cannot fully piece it together, but it strikes a curiosity within us that leads us along the path of truth seeking. We want to read on. We must read on.

Even more interestingly, as we read on, we find that our lives are written in the book itself. We discover what happens in the book has everything to do with our lives! We must read on.


Genesis with powerful accuracy predicts future events.

Genesis is a set of prophecies pointing our focus on their distant fulfillment.

Genesis is a prophecy. It is the beginning but not the end. We see hints of coming situations. We hope for a new garden. We want to see the wretched end to the cursed serpent. We are interested in the 'seed of the woman.' We are interested in Abraham's faith in God's plan and what that would become. We understand that the life of Joseph is a type of the real Savior. Rightly we understand that God has an agenda in history and so it is rightly called "His Story."


Genesis is the key unlocking ancient and modern history.

Genesis is 'His story' in which He begins to reveal His agenda for man's world in time and space.

Mankind's roots are discovered here in Genesis. Blatantly confronting secularism, God says man's roots are founded in God.

Genesis is famous for genealogies. They reveal the history of man with and without God's special grace. Man without God's grace always lung toward destruction and devastation such as found in the flood. The only links of hope were found where God revealed His glory and truth to men like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This created the redemption plan of salvation.


Genesis is the ground where seeds of life and truth are scattered.

Genesis is like a package of seeds providing the right beginning so life can fulfill its purposes.

Just as a plant seed later reveals itself in its full grown plant or living creature, so seeds of truth likewise have been carefully inserted into Genesis seeing their fulfillment in yet another age. The garden, river, man's walk with God, the creation of Eve, the uniting of man and woman, the exposure to evil, etc. all powerfully reveal themselves in their full grown up manifestations.


Genesis provides the necessary understanding to build our lives upon.

Genesis is like a foundation of a tall tower on which we can safely build our lives.

Genesis guides us into asking foundational questions of life for which we can find in the scriptures satisfactory answers. We might not get a full understanding of life here alone in Genesis, but we will get the foundation that we need to build a full understanding upon. This is true of all the major truths of scripture.

Consequently, without the truths of Genesis instilled in us, we will develop poor foundations that will not stand the test of hardship or permanence. Genesis allows us to put the right categories in our mind so that the truth can be easily assembled and established.

If the foundations are destroyed,
what can the righteous do?
(Psalms 11:3).

Any hope of being strong people of God depend on shaping our concepts, worldview, expectations and values from the words found in Genesis.

The Success of Our Lives

The success of our lives depends upon what we found our lives. Our decisions about what we will frame our lives around greatly influences what happens to our lives, whether it be our person, family, society or corporation.

What do societal problems have in common?

They each are experiencing the bitter fruit of disobeying God's laws given to mankind. If we were holy, we would like Adam know all the laws needed to establish lives pleasing to God. Genesis reveals to us why there are two kinds of life. As much as you build your life on God's instructions, then you will do well. If you build your life upon your wayward desires, then your life will suffer terrible consequences. We are told once a people is set in their path of sin, it is hard to escape from it. So where societies are weak, they will get weaker yet until it becomes a crippling problem.

Most people on earth do not have this insight into the ways of life. They think man has and in fact should just live the way he wants to, that is, according to his lusts or desires. Societies would fall apart in no time if there were no societal rules, but no one wants things to get so bad that they can't enjoy their own sin.

Genesis reveals the most enlightening aspect that man was not created evil but good. We see from this two lines of thinking.

With the decay of Christian culture, the society is rightly questioning what they believe and are searching for what they should believe. Genesis gives the right start to this search.

The name 'Genesis' literally means beginning. It is the beginning of understanding. Looking at it in another way, Genesis helps us by asking the right questions so that we look to the right answers. Many questions are so unhelpful because they are not framed rightly. They are not right because they are based on false assumptions.

Let's take a look at Lesson 1's assignment.

"He only is my rock and my salvation,
My stronghold; I shall not be greatly shaken."
(Psalms 62:2).

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