Genesis 2:7, 1:26-27

Genesis 37-50      The Account of Joseph

The Account of Joseph

Genesis 37-50

Paul J. Bucknell

Why are these chapters of Joseph in the Bible?

(Genesis 37-50)

We are delighted at the inside story regarding Joseph and his brothers’ lives. These chapters have all the power of a tremendously moving movie. Violence. Seduction. Extreme. Victim. Greed. Jealousy.

What would we know about these things if it was not left in the Holy Scriptures? Absolutely nothing. Joseph is a picture of JesusAnd yet, we are forced again to ask, “Why are these chapters here?” Why did God put them in? He could have spent the time and precious space by writing more about creation at the beginning of this book where only one or two chapters are used.

There are several answers to this question. Any of them, or several of them together might form the answer.


Joseph is a type of Jesus: betrayed by brothers, sunken down before raised up, forgives those who hurt him, etc. (See attached chart).


In order to clearly set the stage for redemption. They had to go into the land in order to be rescued out of it. Otherwise the Book of Exodus makes no sense.


To illustrate the depth and riches of God’s grace and forgiveness that He is willing to give to His people through Jesus.


To show His faithfulness in disciplining His own and in fulfilling the dreams and covenants of old.

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To reveal the blessing of God works follows those men with integrity and trust in God.

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