Lesson #2 Creation and the Worship of God

Genesis 1:1-2:3


1) How is the seventh day of creation different from the other six days? Why do you think God rested? After reviewing Exodus 20:8-11, express what you think is God's view on whether or how a Christian should keep the sabbath (literally 'rest' or 'ceasing'). Would a non-Christian be expected to keep the sabbath? Explain.

2) Write down the verses that God says "it was good" from this section. Write down your thoughts in reflection of God's goodness on these two views. (If you are exceptionally busy, choose one from below).

• Lots of people make it their major goal in life to indulge in happiness? With Genesis 1 in mind, explain what is wrong with this thinking. Are we not suppose to enjoy life?!

• Many people do not think their bodies are good. They treat their bodies poorly because they think negatively about their bodies. Did you ever hear anyone say, "I hate my ....?" What could we briefly say to them about God's love shown in His goodness in creation?


Apologetics and the Atheist - Natural Theology

Read the following excerpt with Genesis 1 in view. Keep in mind natural theology is what a person knows about God from studying nature. Biblical theology are those things that can be found about God from the scriptures. Sometimes the term 'theology' is expanded to refer not only to the study of God, but also to the study of man, the world, etc.

• What does he suggest on using arguments to prove the existence of God? Why?

• What does He suggest to say instead?

"What then is the status of natural theology in the Bible? Firstly, it has nothing to do with proving the existence of God. This is not a biblical question. There is nothing in the Bible remotely resembling the cosmological and teleological proofs of scholastic philosophy. God is simply there, and this is the axiomatic starting-point of biblical thought. The Bible does not even attempt to prove that it was He who created the world; it simply states it. It is a matter of faith (Heb 11:3) not discerned by scientific observation. This the Bible gives no warrant for telling an atheist to look at the world around him, and then chiding him for not believing in God. What it does suggest is that we can rightly tell a theist to look at the world, and chide him for having too low an idea of the God he believes in, for denying His almighty power and transcendence, or His wisdom and care.

... For it is the man who knows God who can then turn to the world around him and learn about the God he knows. Now he has a point of reference, and what was previously an obscure and confusing revelation becomes an open book.

... It boils down to this: you cannot expect an atheist to reach a personal knowledge of God through looking at nature; but you can expect a Christian's observation of nature to lead him to worship with greater understanding ad reverence the God who has revealed Himself to him. "

R.T. France in The Living God, p. 36.

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