Genesis: Reliability of Text, Outlines and Time Charts (Chonological).

\Genesis 2:4-17

Bible Study Questions

A. Preparation for Man (Genesis 2:4-6)
B. Creation of Man (Genesis 2:7)
C. Purpose for Man (Genesis 2:8-10)

Genesis 2:4-17                                     Lesson #3  

Relationship of God and Man


1• What is God’s ultimate purpose in life for man? How do we know this?

2• How many genealogical units comprise the Book of Genesis? ___________.

3• Genesis 2:24 is the first record. Each record builds on the one previous to it. This record shows that ______________ came from God Himself.

4• What is one of the two things mentioned in 2:5 that had not yet grown? ___________________________

5• List one of the two reasons God gives that these two things not yet grown.


6• When was God's Name first used in the Bible? _______ How is it translated in the English Bible? ______

Why was it started to be used here? _______________________________________________________ (Bonus)

7• Name the two steps which describe how God created man into a living being?

1) ________________________________ 2) ___________________________________

8• Man is honored because he is made in God’s image. What about man’s origin should keep him humble?


9• What about Adam's original person in his outward image made him like God? ____________________________

10• List 3 out of the 6 things that mark man radically different than the beasts of the earth.

a) ______________________________________________

b) ______________________________________________

c) ______________________________________________

11• Give several characteristics of the Garden of Eden including the way it was watered.

12• Give one reason it was so hard for Adam to choose to eat of the forbidden tree.


13• Why is the Chinese word 'to forbid' so appropriate describing the scene of the forbidden tree?

14• Why did God make Adam a man rather than robot? _________________________________________

Discussion Questions

Why did God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eve?

What can we learn from this on how God wants us to live our lives?

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