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Initiating Spiritual Growth in the Church

Essentials of Forgiveness

Genesis 50

How to forgive and forget

Video: Translated from English into Burmese

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Burmese: Genesis 50 | Job 1 | Nehemiah 1
Burmese: Ephesians 3:8-20: Wisdom of God | Love of God | Power of God
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Essentials of Forgiveness is a bilingual video message with slides, translated from English into Burmese, on Genesis 50 showing how to forgive people, even the difficult ones in which you think, "I could never forgive him!" This is a challenging study from Joseph's own life example.

Click below to view the video. Some discussion questions also are provided below as well as links to download for your convenience.

Genesis 50: Video: Stream | Download || Audio | English reading

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Essentials of Forgiveness Genesis 50

Four important steps to completely forgive someone.

A. Freely Forgiving: (Genesis 15-17)

B. Fully Forgiving: (Genesis 18-20)

C. Friendly Forgiving: (Genesis 21)


D. Forgetful Forgiving:(Genesis 22-26)

Have you ever really forgiven someone, not when you must, but when you chose to forgive?

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Genesis 2:18-25 The Foundations of Marriage
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Genesis 21-26 Isaac's Model for Godly Marriages
Genesis 27-36 Genesis 27-36 Jacob's Life of Faith
Genesis 25-37 A) Influence of Sin B) God and Man's Sin C) Understanding Man's Sin Nature D) Understanding Jacob's Sins