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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Book of Joshua : Victorious Living in God's Promises

Book of Joshua

The Bible Teaching Commentary

Outlines & Overview of Joshua

Paul J. Bucknell

Introduction and Purpose of Joshua | Outlines of Joshua Historical/Geographical Map of Joshua
Map of Canaan before the Conquest

See special chart of Joshua's outline below!


Joshua: Victorious Livingin God's Promises

Joshua is a book that shows us how to establish and maintain God’s kingdom. God surely could have cleaned out the enemies beforehand. The Lord chose to use the people of God in the procedure. There was never any question about victory but only about obedience.

The only real battle was when the people of God chose not to closely depend on God. Victory is guaranteed when she steps together in faith according to God’s Word, but failure is equally certain if they choose to do things in her own way.



Preparing for Conquest


Conquering the Land

C.) FINISHING THE TASK (Joshua 13-24)

Dividing the Land


Joshua 1-5

Preparing for Conquest

Preparing for Conquest

Joshua 1-5

The Calling and Responsibility of Godly Leadership

Developing God's People

Godly leaders find success by remaining sensitive
to the Lord’s authority and methods.

The key to understanding these battles and victories is wholly based upon God’s presence with us.  When they left God and hid their sin, they saw defeat.  But when in faith they stepped forward in faith, God mightily moved.

God is persistently training His people. The process doesn't even once they start winning battles, as we find out in the later chapters, nor does it end when we conclude the major wars. God is always developing His people.

We dare not stand still.  There remains a life of battle ahead of us.  Are you ready to step over the Jordan and be used by God?  What selfish purposes have you not yet committed to Him.  What we don’t realize is that our world is perishing while we enjoy our houses and comfortable jobs. 

We cry when we don’t get our raise in salary or promotion but forget the 3,600 Indian missionaries or the mainland Chinese evangelists traveling with much less than we could put in the front seat of our cars.  Are we too busy having children, getting married, being transferred, researching, etc. so that we have forgot to focus on His mission?

As God’s people, let us arise to the great task which He has given to us!

Joshua Outline

Joshua 1-5

Joshua 1:1-5 
  The Mission
Joshua 1:1-9
   Developing Godly Leadership
Joshua 1:10-18 
  Maximum Mobilization   
Joshua 1:12-18 
The Battle Before the Conquest     
Joshua 2:1-24
God’s Mysterious Ways
Joshua 3:1-17
Signs & Wonders 
Joshua 4:1-24
Strategic Pauses #1
Forming Memories
Joshua 5:1-9 
  Strategic Pauses #2
Our Step of Faith
Joshua 5:10-12
Strategic Pauses #3
Communing With God    
Joshua 5:13-15 
  Strategic Pauses #4
Following the Right Leader 


Joshua 6-12

Conquering the Land

Conquering the Land

Joshua 6-12

The Implementation of God’s Strategy for Victory

Understanding God’s Strategy

Victory arises only when we fully understand the design of temptation and depend upon the Lord's means for deliverance.

God is always more ready to accomplish His plan than we are to participate in it (Joshua 11:20). God has a whole set of plans to quickly and effectively complete His plans.

God fights differently than man. Training to win requires that we simply do things God’s ways. We need to trust Him. If we rely on our methods, we will surely fail. They failed at the battle of Ai not only because of Achan’s greed but because Joshua did not pray and seek God’s will.

The first verse of these chapters significantly point to the enemy who attempted to thwart the Israelites from their main mission.  God already has His plans on how to eliminate these enemies. These main campaigns lasted seven long years. 

The Lord records three major campaigns.  The enemy would use any trick to get their way. The Gibeonites deceived Israel. Other kingdoms ganged up on them. Although the battles almost always seemed a sure defeat for Israel, God led the Israelites to victory each time through their faithful leader of Joshua.

These battles surprisingly only comprise 8 of the 22 chapters in Joshua.  The victory was always certain. God's people only needed to learn how to do things God's ways, no matter how threatening the enemy seemed to be. Don’t be afraid; just be prepared!  

Don’t be afraid; just be prepared!

Joshua Outline

Joshua 6-12

Joshua 6:1-27

God’s First Victory at Jericho
Joshua 7:1-26

A Battle We Better Not Lose: vs. Sin
Joshua 8:1-29

Recovering From Defeat
Joshua 8:30-35 
Delight in God’s Torah
Joshua 9:1-27

Falling For A Lie
Joshua 10:1-43  

The Battles Against the Kings
Joshua 11:1-23 
Responding Strategically  
Joshua 12:1-24  
Gaining Momentum




Joshua 13-24

Divinding the Land


Joshua 13-24

The Accountability to Complete God’s Mission

Grasping God's Good Purposes

Only by grasping the full scope of what God is doing and making ourselves accountable to the tasks that concern us will His mission be completed.

We often get confused between winning the battle and winning the fight (war).  Our shortsightedness causes us not to look beyond our self-interests.

The real war is how one lives afterwards.  The most dangerous times are after certain victories. And it is precisely here that the Israelites failed. 

The Lord was sure to have them divide up the land. The point of this was to prepare each tribe to live under the Lord’s leadership. Up to this point, they relied on Joshua’s faith to win. Now they had to rely on their own faith. If they trusted Him and obeyed His Word, they would do well. If not, they would bring trouble into their future. 

Once they received their inheritance, they were responsible to clear off the many enemies still hanging around (see Judges 1).

God set things up so that they all could carry on and clear out all the enemies. But foolishly they were not equally responsible. Again, the chief battle is not on the battlefield but in our hearts.  It is how we live after the victories.

Miracles are not enough to change us. We need God’s grace unto repentance.

Joshua Outline

Joshua 13-24

Joshua 13:1-13
Rules for Victorious Living    
Joshua 14:1-15; 15:13-19
Caleb: A Man Willing to Fight  
Joshua 15:20-17:13

Fulfilling Our Obligations
Joshua 17:12-18

Escaping From Fear’s Grip
Joshua 18:1-19:51 
Dividing the Inheritance
Joshua 20:1-9

Where Can I Run?   Cities of Refuge
Joshua 21:1-45
Care of God’s Workers
Joshua 22:1-34 
For Good or For Bad
Joshua 23:1-16  

Passing the Torch
Joshua 24:1-13 
Truth or Fiction: Does it really matter? 
Joshua 24:14-33 

Declaration of our Commitment    


Chart Summary Outline of Joshua in pdf file

Click for a larger free file of the outline of Joshua.


The younger generation so often criticizes the older one for lack of faith and boldness.
May Caleb silence the critics!

But what about the younger generation?
Will you be more faithful and true to what the Lord has set before you?

This is your turn,
And mine!

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