Lesson #3 Relationship of God and Man

Genesis 2:4-17


1) Think about the people around you. Listen to them. Look at them. Do you find they are discontent with life or fulfilled. What makes you think so?

Also choose at least one of the following assignments.

2a) If you met one of these discouraged people at lunch and they asked you what they should do with their lives, what would you say? Explain in 1 or 2 paragraphs as to how you can use at least one of the thoughts we learned today to encourage them to open their hearts to a loving God.

The goodness of God in creation,
The special way God made man,
The special hopes God has for man (garden - heaven),
God's desire to have a relationship with man (not robots but people)

2b) We often run into situations that are like the forbidden tree in the garden. Explain one situation in your life you know you could have chosen to go the wrong way. Did you? Why or why not? If you run into that situation again, how could you better show your love to God?

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