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Cebuano: Pagkab-ot Luyo sa Pagkauyamo: Mahimon usa ka Magbubuntog (D2)

Pagkab-ot Luyo sa Pagkauyamo: Mahimon usa ka Magbubuntog (D2): Sesyon #4

D2 Video Discipleship Training Seminar
D2 Reaching Beyond Mediocrity: Becoming an Overcomer

#4 Away Padulong sa Kadaugan

Translated from English into Cebuano, Visaya

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Video Training: #1 Espiritu | #2 Pagpili | #3 Pagbaton | #4 Kadaugan
Overcome...: #5 Kabalaka | #6 Garbo | #7 Kailibgon | #8 Kasuko
Overcome...:#9 Kasub-anan | #10 Ingon nga Magbubuntog

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spiritual warfareAway Padulong sa Kadaugan

Sabta ang espirituhanong pakig-away ug unsaon pagdaog!

Insakto nga pagsabot/pagintindi ug paghimo sa Espirituhanong pakigaway maoy una ngadto sa paglig-on sa Kristohanong pagtubo. Pagkat-on sa mga proseso pinaagi sa usa nga nagmadaugon sa pagpakigaway niini nga Espirituhanong panagaway!

Click below to view the video on Away Padulong sa Kadaugan
Pagkab-ot Luyo sa Pagkauyamo: Mahimon usa ka Magbubuntog (D2):
D2 Reaching Beyond Mediocrity: Becoming an Overcomer
#4 Fight to Win - Away padulong sa Kadaugan
Downloads: Video | Audio

Our full set of exercises, slides and handouts are available as part of the BFF Cebuano, Visaya library! If you live in Philippines, you can get this for free, otherwise check out our store!


Aplikasyon sa kinabubi: Ang Paglapas

Pagbansays & Pagpakigbahin sa Kinabuhi

  1. Ang Madaugon nga Pag ampo: Ihulagway kini diha sa tuo nga bahin.

  2. Restate the CAR points. Which is hardest for you and why?

  3. What is the victory prayer for? What questions do you have about it?

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Introduction to Discipleship's 3 Stages and The Flow
Basic Discipleship Stage
Basic discipleship stage and BFF materials.
Intermediate Discipleship Stage
intermediate discipleship stage and BFF materials.
Advanced Discipleship Stage
Advanced discipleship stage and BFF materials.
The Flow
Diagram of integrated Discipleship
Spirit-Dependent Teaching
7 principles on excellent teaching.
Designing discipleship curriculum
Stages and goals of discipleship
Discipleship Shapers
Learning how Christians grow
Understanding the Cycle of Decline and Revival (Judges 2)